The stüdies

Le Hüb long stay offers


Wether you want your own room or sharing with a partner, roommate, your family… the Hüb offers comfortable studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments!

The stüdies: Hüb Hüb Hüb... Hooray!


Businessman-woman, student, researcher?


Single or sharing, discover our studios all inclusive. Nothing more to pay!



  1. • 790 € / month in Grenoble, 350 € application fees

Offer only available by phone, limited space.

BOOK NOW OVER THE PHONE : 04 86 80 19 86



Offer will coming soon !

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OFFRE stüdy
two-room apartment

Businessman-woman, student, researcher?


Single, sharing, with your partner or your family, discover our two-room apartment all inclusive! Nothing more to pay!


  1. • 1090 € / month in Grenoble, 350 € of application fees.

Offer only available by phone, limited space.

BOOK NOW OVER THE PHONE : 04 86 80 19 86



Offer is coming soon !

Ask for information by email : 



Any questions? We have the answer!

Is electricity included in the rate?
Yes, electricity is included in the rate, both fort subscription and consumption; but that should not stop you for paying attention to he planet…


Do I have to subscribe to the electricity company?

No, there is no need to subscribe, that is why it is much easier and faster!


Are hot water and heating included in the rate?

Yes, the rate includes the consumption of water, cold and warm, as well as the use oft he heating system.


Am I entitled to any financial help like APL?

You might benefit from financial help according to your personal status while staying in France. You can ask by yourself and if needed, we will write a document confirm that you have an apartment in our property.


Is there a parking lot?

In all Privilodges properties, there is a solution for your car ; either in our private parking lot or in a public parking lot nearby. However, your rate does not include the parking ; Ask the desk of your property about our monthly rates.


Do I have access to the chill zones ?

Of course! All the chill zones, inside or outside are accessible. You can access the Patiö, the Läb, the Spöt, the gym* and give access to your family and friends when they come visit you.


How does the laundry work?

The laundry is inside the property and private for our guests who can access with their room key or card; there are washing machines and dryers. You can pay by cash or credit card and there is no need to buy washing powder, it is automatically delivered by the washing machines according tot he program chosen!


*according to the destination

3 good reasons
to come to Le Hüb

  2. We are located in urban areas, with easy access through public transportation or by car and train



A furnished apartment, including bed linen, fully equipped kitchen, 4 stars bedding, free WiFi everywhere



Terrace for breakfast, relaxing times or co-work, fitness area*, chill zone, all in the heart of he city (no car needed)


*according to the destination

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The Hüb team is here for your short or long stay, party or seminar, to forge bonds and create the right atmosphere.

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